Certificate level 4 is released! 20 / 08 / 2016

Design switch-a-roo.

Not so long ago I finished the level 3 certificate and I promised that it wouldn't take long before I finished the level 4 certificate, and today I deliver. The funny thing is that this design was actually meant to be used for the level 3 certificate, but later on I realized that the concept didn't really fit level 3 so I had to restart the design process. Having to come up with a new idea combined with the lack of inspiration and a busy life is why things inevitably slowed down. That's why there was such a large gap between the release of the level 2 and level 3 certificate.

Next up is the level 5 certificate, but no one has actually achieved it yet so I'm not in a big rush to finish it. I have a few ideas about the design but nothing has really solidified yet. I think when inspiritation finds me again it will go fast.

In the mean time enjoy the level 4 certificate. It will start going out tomorrow!

Much love <3