Artist Feature: Razvan Barbulescu 13 / 01 / 2014

Welcome to another artist feature ! This time I interviewed aspiring artist Razvan Barbulescu from Romania. You might have seen some of his work on and his gestures in the offical gesture drawing thread on

Hey Razvan, thanks for taking the time to get in touch. Let's first talk about you :)

Where are you from and how did you get into art?

I'm from Caracal, Romania, and I got into art by attending classes in college for economics, not being interested in them and sketching out of boredom mostly. After that I wanted to see if I really enjoyed drawing so I decided to draw every day for a year to see how it pans out and I've been drawing and trying to improve my skills ever since.

I've seen on that you are practicing alot. Do you have a career in art or are you a student / something else?

I don't have a career in art. I am still trying to learn a lot and eventualy build a good portfolio. For the moment I have a part time job that allows me to invest my time into art :)

Let's talk about the art of practicing art :)

How did you get inspired to start gesture drawing ?

I saw Alex Negrea post a lot of gesture drawings on facebook and I was looking at them and they looked like figure drawings but were done in 60 seconds so I decided to try and do some every day.

Do you have a certain routine for practice ?

I mostly try to do them before anything else to warm up, but I've also been doing them before bed. At first I was doing about 60 poses for 60 seconds, but now I do 20 poses for 60 seconds and then 2 or 3 figure studies for about 10 minutes each and after that I try and do 1 or 2 figures from imagination.

You have accumulated an amazing amount of drawn gesture poses over the last few months using quickposes. Have you started noticing improvement in your gesture poses?

Yes, my line work has improved as well as the motion in my figures. I finish the gestures more quickly now so I have time to work on the anatomy and proportions.

Have you seen benefit in other areas of your work by doing gesture poses frequently?

It definitely helps with figure drawing and drawing in general as it makes everything seem less stiff.

A lot of people mention after a while when they are in a certain 'flow' that they start 'feeling' the poses. Do you have the same feeling?

I think so, after a few poses I start to get the feel for the form a bit better.

I noticed you mostly practice gesture drawing on paper. Is that a preference or something deliberate? Do you use other types of medium's as well?

I did a lot of digital ones too, but if I spend most of the time painting on the tablet, so doing gestures on paper is a nice change and I like the feel of it too.

Do you have types of exercise that you do regurlaly to improve your skills?

I do studies of different stuff, like anatomy, perspective, color and value study, faces, enviroment etc. I mix them up from one week to another so these are the only ones that I do regularly.

Do you have any tips for the people out there practicing gesture drawing?

Start simple, like the "bean" technique to get a feel for what the torso is doing in different poses and angles, also try and do some figure and anatomy studies so you understand what's going on with the gesture.

That was it for this artist feature. You can get in touch if you want to be featured, or you want to suggest someone.

You can check out Razvan's sketchbook and work on

Much love <3