It's all about the community. 02 / 01 / 2014

We like to glorify individuals and over-exagerate their accomplishments. The truth is that there are always more people involved in the process. For truly great things to be accomplished you need the power of an entire community of motivated people.

I do believe that there should be some kind of director that has a vision of where the whole story should go, but there are many more actors involved.

So far I have been doing all the work alone but I have realised that the community is full of great ideas. That's why I have opened the gates for all of you to come in and help me evolve quickposes. I have a vision of where to go, but I need help in gathering all the resources.

From now on everybody can upload images they would like to see added to the quickposes. Want to draw hands & feet, well go and upload some images of hands & feet. Found a cool pose on a blog? Boom, upload.

I will go through the uploads and categorize everything. Images that are of good quality, and fit within my vision of quickposes, will be added to the library. Images that don't belong on quickposes will be deleted without notice !

Much love <3

~ Verx