Artist Feature: Danny Cruz 13 / 10 / 2013

This is the start of my new ongoing coverage of some of the artists that use quickposes to improve their drawing skills.

The first artist to be featured is Danny Cruz. He is a character/creature designer from the United States. His clients include IDW, Valiant Entertainment, Kingdom Death, TBC Films, Mierce Miniatures & more.

So Danny, let's begin with providing the people with a small backstory about your life so they get know you a bit. Where are you from and how did you get into art?

I'm from New York and art has always been something that I seemed to have an innate ability for. However, I did not grow up wanting to be an was just something I did, pretty much drawing whatever my interests were at the time. The urge to want to do that for a living came a little bit later on in my life.

And how long have you been a professional artist for?

At this point, I've been freelancing for a living for almost 5 years.

When did have your big break in art professionally? You know, like maybe an assignment that might have launched your career.

I don't think I've had one breakout assignment yet. It's been more a series of small but steady projects throughout the years. Probably the closest thing remotely considered a big break might be the visibility from the Kingdom Death Kickstarter campaign. That had garnered quite a bit of attention and during that time I was literally getting contacted by people every day wanting me to be involved with their games projects.

When you start becoming a professional in any field some things change or you have unexpected experiences. What was one of the things you underestimated before becoming a professional artist?

Probably the surprisingly quick rate I go through art supplies lol. Creating artwork 6-7 days a week, all day long tends to have me going through traditional art supplies, particularly pencils and sharpeners, quite quickly.

Let's start talking about practicing the art of art ! How did you discover quickposes and have you been acquainted with gesture drawing before ?

I discovered quickposes through a google search. I had been using a couple of gesture sites at the time and was just casually looking to see if there was anything else out there. Since then, quickposes has been the primary place I go to practice my gesture drawings. I had been acquainted with gesture drawing through the numerous drawing and art books I have read throughout the years. I suppose it was all those books that instilled in me how crucial gesture is to the drawing process hierarchy. I always make it a point to start everything, no matter how detailed or complex it may end up being, with a solid gesture that conveys my intent with whatever it is that I am drawing.

Do you have a certain routine for practice using quickposes?

I use quickposes for about an hour each day. It's how I start off my day actually. I do a half hour of 1 minute poses and a half hour or 2 minute poses.

You have accumulated an amazing amount of drawn gesture poses over the last few months using quickposes. Have you started noticing improvement in your gesture poses?

Sure! I'd say it's made me more nimble and less rigid when it comes to roughing out a quick gesture with or without having reference.

Have you seen benefit in other areas of your work from doing gesture poses frequently?

Yes, primarily with being more conscious of how rhythm flows throughout things: a figure, drapery, composition, etc...

Next to gesture drawing. do you have types of exercise that you do regularly to improve your skills.

I'm always working on my figure drawing. Pretty much working out figures from gesture to construction to specific anatomy. With those types of exercises I'm primarily working on accuracy, proportion and just trying to get a strong feeling of well as trying to maintain the integrity of the initial gesture throughout all that. I also work on specific aspects of the figure like hands, heads and drapery.

Any things you would like to see improved on quickposes ?

Probably the only thing that comes to mind at the moment is that I think it'd be great if pics from different sports were included as well.

Ok, thats it for now :) thanks for taking time to talk and share a bit of info about yourself, your work and how you practice in becoming a better artist.

For more of Danny's work visit his deviantArt page.