Search function 09 / 07 / 2011

Olas Señors and Señoritas

I have a nice update for you guys!

My vision was always to make quickposes not only a tool for artists but also a library of cool poses. The internet is full of cool pics of poses but it's so hard to find what you are exactly looking for.

Quickposes is a (small) answer to that problem. I have categorized every image so you can fly through the database in search for a certain pose. Use the form on the left side and check it out !

On a side note. I have received mails from some DeviantArt stock accounts allowing to use their stockphotos. It's gonna take a while before they are uploaded ! Filling the database is usually a totally boring mindless job, but hey I'm doing this so artists can have a free library of cool poses to learn from. That's what keeps me going.

Current amount of images in the database: 3000. Untill next time !

Much love <3