Eternally busy 08 / 10 / 2012

That's a good way of describing it 

When you focus on doing things you love, time really starts to dissapear. You just don't pay attention to it anymore and just live. It doesn't feel like time was stolen from you, instead it feels like there aren't enough seconds in a minute. I stopped thinking so much and just followed my intuition and the adventures I have had are amazing.

It's pretty amazing how a single decision can lead you down a unforseen path. In this case it was deciding to build quickposes in the first place. I've spent many hours working on it and time always dissapeared when I was working. Some of the code I wrote was not good, and I had to redo it, and it sucked, but I never really hesitated from starting working on it.

The lesson I learned from this is that you should just start doing something you really want to do. If what you are doing is really made for you, you probably won't stop to think about if it is really for you and just keep improving and working.

Anyways. I checked the logs and some of you have been practicing a lot. A couple of people will be getting their Quickposes certificate very soon !

I also promised some new features and instead of making more promises I'll just shut up and deliver. Stay tuned.

Much love <3.