Tutorial: Razvan's gesture drawing technique 09 / 03 / 2014

Hey guys,

A while back I asked up-and-coming artist Razvan to make a walkthrough of his technique and provide some tips on how he handles gesture drawing. So here it is, enjoy !

1st step: Getting the gesture of the figure:

razvan progress 1

First start with the overall gesture of the figure. In this step don't worry so much about proportions and anatomy, and focus on getting the figure some flow and movement. I first start with the bean and find the center line on the torso and pelvis. Then I place some gesture lines for the legs and hands. I try to avoid placing straight lines for the feet and hands and exagerate the pose a bit because it's going to stiffen up as you go further with it.

2nd step: Refining the base

razvan progress 1

In this step I try and fill out the anatomy with simple shapes and I also take the time to measure out the proportions and see where they should be in realation to other body parts. I measure how far down and up the elbows go, how wide his shoulders are comparred to his torso, etc.

3rd step: Final refinements & rendering

razvan progress 1

I just try and render out the anatomy best as I can, but still have a lot to learn here. Anatomy studies help a lot, for example knowing the layering order of the muscles, the pectoralis major is over the biceps and the deltoid comes over both of them.

razvan progress 1

Alright, I hope this was of some help to you guys. Thanks to Razvan for taking the time to do this walkthrough ! Much love <3

You can check out Razvan's work on conceptart.org