They think I should put ads on it. They were right 18 / 03 / 2013

But I rather have it plain.

A lot people I show quickposes to advise me to put ads on the site because of the economic opportunity. I get around ~20k views a month. Sounds like money could be made with ads and banners. Well..that's not gonna happen.

My goal was to provide you with a distraction free experience so you can focus on drawing. I truly believe a lack of focus and over-stumulation is a real condition this generation. My attitude was to remove all the unecessary stuff so you have no choice but to focus on that one image. Nothing else demands your attention. Focus is born from the absence of distraction. I'm glad I discovered that wisdom early in my life.

Some people though have offered to donate to help me with server cost. It's nice to see some good souls want to help a hand financially. The server cost are (still) not that much but it has been rising because of the increase of popularity of quickposes. I will put up a donation button in the near future for people who are interested in donating.

Update - Februrari 2014

So I recently moved to a new and more expensive VPS provider to handle the increase in userbase. To help finance this I added google ads on the site. Hate it or like it, but however you feel, please don't stop practicing.

Much Love <3

~ Verx