The holidays are a time for being with family 25 / 12 / 2012

Unless you are ambitious.

Some people would consider working during the holidays, or any holiday, 'disturbing'.

I learned that there are no holidays or vacations. Everything you achieve and any destination you want to reach is based largely on the effort and time you put in. Realizing that changed my perception of work completely.

During the last few months traffic starting increasing greatly for quickposes. This required me to adjust my workflow. I have been receiving mails with bug reports, feauture requests and general feedback. Until recently I had been editing the site remotely, which was 'ok', but now I risk crashing the site while a lot of people are on it.

So I wanted to set up a new workflow that is more manageable and secure now that a lot more people have come to depend on quickposes. I don't regret spending the time, but I'm sure as happy that now it's finished and the site should be more stable!

Merry christmas !

~ Ho Ho Ho!